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The Forms In Which They Appear

by One Hundred Thousand

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Directed by Mike Lowther


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The Forms in Which They Appear

Part One: A World Divided

1. Delivered


Start again


Cant see the light

I don’t know where to run


Deliver me from what’s about to come


Come down and meet me here

Now that we’re gone


2. Goldenjaw


Hiding out again, a world divided

And fading through the scenes of every new day


Choke upon our own defiance

Hoping that the truth will find us

But I can’t help but feel

That there’s a better way


We’re delivered from our fiction

To another direction

We struggle to start again


I’ll shelve another set of all the memories

And if this breaks again, where will they stay?


And in a moment I’ll fade out

Like all the choices that I never made

But here we are

Now it’s time


Here I am

Here we are

A human collection


Here I am

Here we are

A world in question


3. The Way You See Yourself


A moment, please, to learn my lesson from you

A truth too close to see

It’s just my thoughts are growing distant here

In damaged memories


It’s not that I couldn’t make up my mind

To give my world to you

I’d let you stay

But I’d hate to explain why I can’t fall asleep


And I remember a time and place when things were well

But you just had to design

A way for life to fall around me now


I will watch you slip away from me

If proof is what you need

A vision played in foggy sihouettes

Leaves shadows where it breaths


It’s not that I couldn’t stifle a sigh

But are we late to bloom?

Too soon to say

And although it’s over, I can’t look away


And I remember a time and place when things were well

But you just had to design

A way for life to fall around me now


This is just my device

Of a way to bring you down

And I will take what is mine

I feel you’re blinded by the way you see yourself


This means the world to me

To get better now


I feel we’re late to speak

Or can’t remember how


It means the world to me

Looking better now


A willingness to reach

Without looking down


4. Far From Dead


The weight of the sun

Preserves my silence

Grasping for meaning I’m out and down


I’m more like a silhouette

So I’ve been thinking

Fading through being and falling out


Can you see me now?

Relive it

If I were to scream, could you feel it?


With every shadow of doubt

That falls onto me

I see ahead of the glare

And I’m free to be


I’m running away

From troubled water

Seeing through greylight, I’m laying low


I’m more like a baited breath

So I’ve been waiting

Holding on, holding up, pouring out


We’re alive, at least for now

But I can see a halo overhead

Take a breath and hear me out

The only chance we have is far from dead


Part Two: Rise

5. Fathoms From This Place


Bow down

You always do

Inferior or is it shame?

Keep pushing your back up against the wall

Take a look around

You've started to burn it all


We know

How this could go

It's time to let the truth be told

Keep leading us down; we're sure to drown

Like a disease

No chance to fight it off


As falls go

It's staggering to see

I could lead you out


How could we keep going on?

Afraid to let it go

Cut away the broken limb

Rebuild and let it grow

We've got to let it grow


Too slow

In undertow

With every step you lose, it's changed

The flooding so easily sweeps away

Lost in a wave,

Too weak to fight today


Give up hope that is poisoning

Give up faith that this could someday be

Awakened again

If there's a new horizon, I'll be burning it down


As falls go, it's staggering to see

I could lead you

Fathoms from this place

If you only knew what you'd lose

But you're already gone

You're already gone


6. Type Stolen


A warning plagues the fearful heartbeat

To blind the mercy chasing you

Pictures painted on your memory

Stimulate the tremors shaking you


Tonight we can't look back

Tonight erase the spite

We have to push the fear away

Now you're alive


Inside we tremble

Comfort dismantled

It all comes crashing down from here


Measuring the way your heart fits in your hands

Empathy's been stolen from your mind

Cancer feeding on uncertainty

Your soul's remorse is met with gnashing teeth


Faded scenes

Vague frontiers


All these years


Lights fade

When all that you need is to open up

The love you've forgotten and thrown aside

To realization

A cleansing of the blood that you have spilled


7. If Only You Could See It


So logical

I see it in my mind

Something here I know I need

So defined

I'm crystal clear and focused

On the fact that I belong


And maybe for today

I will lead the damned

To find another way

If only you could see it

You'd chase the day away


So insincere

I'm trampled by the shame

Of being kicked again and down

Make peace today

We've only scratched the surface

On a way to re-align


And maybe for today

We will lead the damned

To find another way

To raise a revolution

To fight another day


So logical

I played a game and lost it

To a foe I'd never seen

I see me now

The one who went unrecognized

By passions so confined


8. Low


We've been nowhere this low

In your eyes the color's washed away

See where once we had a home


You're not alone

It won't be long

Keep going on


We're all that's left of yesterday

Go on and live the breath you take

We're all that's left, we're everything

Go on and live


Know nothing's gone

We've been through it all

Whispers so strong

Know we can belong


See where once we were inspired

In the smoke, the ghost of fire

Why do we bleed so long?


Part Three: Ghost

9. Kismet


Bury me

Nothing left to see

Don't go alone

See your life

Can't escape the light

So don't go alone


You're free to go

Never mind the world.


10. Pyewacket


Sit down and pour it out

Leave space for here and now

There can't be an ounce of doubt

Before you lay your burden down


You bury

You worry

You wake the voice in me


You're free to go

See your life at war

Don't forget where you come from

Never mind the world

Nothing left to see

So come back where you belong


Bring back insomnia

Don't fast to see it through

Brand new calamity

Be calm if calm will do


11. We Surround


Swallowing me whole again

The more I see, the more I dread

Hopelessly committed to the dreams I've thrown away


A birth into seas of severance

To the faces that condemn me here

And take from me

The only thing that keeps me straight


You're on my side

Thanks for coming down

We can believe in the same things that we surround

And all my life

I can't remember speaking out

But I believe there's a new day ahead

And the path we now tread shows the way


I know that I want to take away

Everything that seems to haunt me


Staggering on wounded knees

I'm clawing at the fears in me

Praying that I'll wake from this cruel dream that I'm in


No one can implore me from my world

Through pleas of hollow essence that are forced on me

The troubles that I keep away


The pressure needs to fade away

As time crumbles out of place


12. Better Days


How do you stand

Breathing echoes, nothing?

Don't wake up

Keep on holding out for better days


You pay no heed to the verses crashing

Spoken in tune

Present tense of rhythmic figures

What do you see

When your grief eclipses wonder?

Don't follow me

Where there's nothing but falling.


Sing if you're with me

Say you can hear me

Look at the way we divide our memory


How do you seem to wake without ever sleeping?

Don't you pretend

Is it truth that makes you wander?

Eyes fallen short

Sullen foresight clouded


By the score you long stopped counting


Sing this, come around, you're alive

Sing this now


If ever I was fallen

Who would come to run?

Idle a thousand days

Don't waste another one

Scream hello

Scream murder

Stare straight at the sun

Scream hello

Scream further

Echoes of your lungs