Album Release Announcement

Dear Friends,

We are excited (and relieved) to announce the release of our debut album, The Forms in Which They Appear

This caps the journey we began with our first release in 2013, and it’s great to finally be able to share the whole, 12-track album. Come celebrate the third EP and completed album in an evening with One Hundred Thousand on Saturday, May 14, at Architect Music in Butler, NJ. We'll have physical copies of the album available and some surprises during the show. 

The last few years for One Hundred Thousand have been challenging and enlightening. Releasing this project in three parts has taken a lot of patience, and responding to the questions about when more music is coming out has always been painful. But we’re continually encouraged and amazed by how many of you tell others about our music and keep coming to see us live. Thanks for sticking with us.

More to come.



Never mind the world,


One Hundred Thousand

Alex | Andrew | Rich | Kurt



The Forms in Which They Appear


Part I: A World Divided

1. Delivered

2. Goldenjaw

3. The Way You See Yourself

4. Far From Dead


Part II: Rise

1. Fathoms from This Place

2. Type Stolen

3. If Only You Could See It

4. Low


Part III: Ghost

1. Kismet

2. Pyewacket

3. We Surround/Familiar

4. Better Days